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Cover Reveal: Dale’s Descent by Rick Veal


The epic saga of The Master of Whitehall continues with Dale’s Descent. Step into the adventure as Dale recounts his story of a young teenager, illegally attacked, turned and kidnapped by a rouge vampire on his sixteenth birthday.

 Dale’s journey begins in a small mining town in western Pennsylvania where his mortal life begins and ends. He relates his story in a soulful manner, full of hurt and disappointment as all of his dreams and aspirations fade away. His descent into darkness begins as he is forced into the life of a creature of the night … compelled to hunt and kill innocent people in order to survive. His tale is one of abuse in the supernatural world. His journey includes years of personal struggle in his search to find answers to why he was attacked and taken. Finally, left all alone he wanders in a seemingly empty world, a lost boy, searching for a way of escape.

Dale’s Descent is brought to an end with his discovery by the Charleston Coven. He is stunned by the revelation of an immortal life that was his all along when he is brought to Whitehall. He finds happiness as he grows and matures with his new found family. Share his delight as he discovers a teacher, a lover, and ultimately an eternal mate in this story of a boy that was lost and found again.


Look for the first two books of this blockbuster narrative, The Master of Whitehall and Lexi’s Legacy, both on-line and in bookstores.



Approx. 300 pages









~ About the Author ~


The author was born in the upstate of South Carolina and has spent the majority of his life there. He joined the Navy immediately out of high school where he had the pleasure of visiting some eighteen different countries during a six year span. After returning home he attended The University of South Carolina graduating with an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science, both with Honors. He completed his education at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History. He has worked in the education field as a teacher and in various management positions in industry. He currently lives alone with his one daughter, ‘Daddy’s Pretty Baby’, a five year old Tuxedo cat. She graciously allows him to think he actually owns the house. Dale’s Descent is the third book of the epic saga of The Master of Whitehall.




Please look for the first two installments in

The Epic Saga of

The Master of Whitehall


‘Katelyn’s Chronicles’ is the love story that began the saga. After the murder of Katelyn’s parents, she is forced to move to Charleston, S.C. where she meets and falls in love with James Dubois, the owner of Whitehall Manor. She begins to start her life over soon discovering love, healing and a brand new life in a most unexpected avenue.


ISBN: 978-1-4675-3752-0, 403 pages, $19.99



‘Lexi’s Legacy’ is the sequel to ‘Katelyn’s Chronicles’. No longer the shy, sheltered young girl from book one, Lexi radiates in her new life as she grows into her own woman. Her story of self-discovery as she travels from mortal to immortal is riveting. Please join Lexi in her search for love and companionship in a new life and new world.


ISBN: 978-1-4675-7569-0, 322 pages, $19.99



Please order your signed and inscribed copy of both books today. They are available by e-mailing or by visiting the webpage, They are also available at for your Kindle.


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Release Day Blitz: Come Back to Me by Abigail Lee



Title: Come Back To Me (Finding Love In Milton, #2)

Author: Abigail Lee 

Genre: NA Romance


Book Description –


Bailey Hart’s life crumbles beneath her when the one person she trusts the most turns out to be the only person lying to her.  Faced with another heartbreak and an unknown future, Bailey attempts to live the normal college life every girl her age dreams about. 

Refusing to look back…

Bailey finally has a grip on her new life when her world shakes again.  Her past reveals that not everything is as it seems, and she is faced with a choice.

Unable to move on…


What will Bailey do when she realizes the only person who can pick up the pieces of her heart is the same person who shattered it in the first place?

Lee is an Oklahoma native who received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Oklahoma State University in 2005. Beyond her passion for writing, Lee and her husband enjoy traveling and spending time with their growing family.

Lee currently resides in Oklahoma City with her husband, two sons and dog.


Also by Abigail Lee –

Stay With Me (Finding Love In Milton #1)

My Forever Valentine (Finding Love In Milton #1.5)



Author Links –


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Ty –I sat and stared at my computer screen, wondering what to write. She was the love of my life. That had definitely never changed. But how could I get her to see that I was still the love of her life? Bailey –“You ready for this?” He stepped into my line of vision.“I am.” I stepped forward and linked my arm with his. I froze for a few seconds before moving back. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”“Don’t be sorry for that.” He closed the distance between us and placed his hand on my neck, tilting my head back and forcing me to look into his eyes. “Never be sorry for that.”