The Unraveling of Avery Snow (Past Lives #2) Review

I loved, loved, loved The Past Lives series! Sloat did a fabulous job at bringing the series to a close.

When we last saw Avery, she was figuring out her life. Her life with Dallas, her life with Ianni in human form, and her life without Landon. She was having a hard time knowing that he didn’t remember her.

Not much has changed since we last saw Avery. She is still working with Kerri and living with Ianni. She is still dating Dallas. She still can’t help but wonder what it would be like if Landon remembered her.

It seems like things are falling apart around her. Dallas has just opened his restaurant and it is taking up a lot of his time. Kerri is getting married, Ianni has a boyfriend and Landon seems to be bringing home every girl he can. Just when it seems that things can’t go any more wrong, there is news of another Dark Guide.

How will Avery deal with all of this? Will everyone be there for her like they were last time. What will the future hold for Avery? Does she even have a future?

I said it before and I will say it again. I loved this book and you definitely must read it. The characters were so easy to relate with and fall in love with. I loved Dallas and Avery’s relationship, they are so good together! It was great to see Ianni’s life develop beyond what it was before. Maybe she can enjoy her human life after all. It was sad to watch Landon though. Even though his memory was shaved, it seems that he knows something is missing from his life. While I am sad that this is the last one, atleast I got some closure. I will miss these characters tremendously though!




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