Review of Losing Connor by Amanda Alberson



When Cassie finds herself pregnant at 17 she has a choice to make, ruin her own life or the lives of those she loves. Years later, when her past and present collide will she have the strength to lose everything again? Follow Cassie on a rollercoaster ride through her past and present and into her future as she battles regret and heartbreak.
My Review:
The story presented in Losing Connor by Amanda Alberson was definitely an emotional roller coaster ride.  I loved the writing style of the book.  While you learned more things about the present story, you also learned everything you need to know about the past.
Losing Connor had me laughing and crying along with Cassie and Declan.  I would recommend this book.  Cassie’s character is very easy to relate to.  It was a great look at how one decision can impact a persons life forever.
Make sure you have your tissues ready when you read this book!
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