Review & giveaway: The Master of Whitehall by Rick Veal

The Master of Whitehall by Rick Veal will always be very special to me.  It is the first signed book that I have ever received so it is pretty exciting!

Let me start out by saying this book was awesome!  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from reading the back cover and I was pleasantly surprised.  In The Master of Whitehall we are introduced to college student Katelyn.  Her life is disrupted when her parents die a terrible death, and she has to move in with her Aunt ‘Chele and start a new school.  She moves into student housing and meets her new roommate Lexi and she can tell right away that they will be bestfriends.  As they embark on their new friendship, Katelyn is fascinated by a guy that often hangs out on campus and owns a beautiful property, James.  There is just something about him, and Katelyn wants to know what it is.

Katelyn is thrilled when James approaches her and asks if her and Lexi want to see Whitehall.  Of course there is no way she is going to turn down that offer!  From this moment, Katelyn’s life will change dramatically.

Will James be able to answer all of the questions that Katelyn has?  Is he going to be there for her while she is going through everything in her life?  Will Katelyn and Lexi be able to remain close?  You will just have to read the book and find out!

I loved this book.  It gave a totally new spin of vampires and what we typically expect from them.  Katelyn’s character was written so well.  I loved how Veal conveyed her strength and personality.  Lexi’s character was also fabulous.  There were definitely times I felt that I could relate to her.  There is also plenty of romance, and boy is it steamy!  I definitely recommend The Master of Whitehall to anyone that loves YA or paranormal romance!

Rick was nice enough to let me ask him some questions.  Keep reading to see his answers!

What inspired you to write this story? Why did you choose  vampires?

I think my inspiration actually came from running out of  books! I have read for many years and enjoyed most of what I’ve read. I’m a big  Anne Rice fan … Go Lestat! … So when I finished all the vampire books I could … Rice, Smith, Harris, Craine … I decided that if they could write a vampire  story, then so could I; so I wrote my own. I chose vampires because I have  always enjoyed reading and watching movies about vampires I was actually hooked  by Barnabas Collins in “Dark Shadows” way back in 1966.

How did you find your inspiration for  Whitehall?

I wanted a setting in the Low Country of South Carolina  with a lot of history surrounding it. Whitehall was a long ago plantation  outside of Charleston and is now nothing but ruins. The tour I was on when I  found it said that nobody really knows what happened to it … it just went away.  That opened all kinds of ideas for some ‘what-if’s’ and so Whitehall was  reborn.

Why did you decide to write through the eyes of  Katelyn?

I actually wanted her  to tell the story. It just seemed that it would be more interesting from her  point of view to modern readers. It became an interesting experience. I think  the most challenging part of writing through a woman’s eyes is having to stop  and think about what, how, and where she would say something. Sometimes just  getting Katelyn’s perspective correct, not only as a woman, but as a young woman  with limited life experiences, was extremely thought provoking. I have spent a  lot of my life around women so it was a little less difficult. There are the  special times when I had to stop and think and ask myself would/should she  really do this or say that? Fortunately, I have a lot of female friends of all  ages that I was able to call on for advice and answers.

How did you come up with Katelyn’s character traits? Is  she modeled after anyone? What do you think are her best and worst  traits?

Katelyn is a compilation of traits … I think that she is  the best and worst of a lot of people. She really has no ‘real-life’ opposite.  Like all of my characters, Katelyn was born, full grown, in my mind, and I just  let her tell me her story and take me where she wanted. Her best trait is that  she trusts and loves those around her, often putting them ahead of herself. She  would never treat them wrong. I suppose her worst trait is that early in the  story, although thoroughly modern, she is almost naïve and a little childlike. I  credit that to her youth and upbringing. That trait seems to be going away in  her after she turns … she just doesn’t put up with anything from any “bad  guys”.

What is your favorite quote from the  book?

I just giggled at the thought of that scenario and  cuddled closer to James saying, “That certainly gives a whole new meaning to the  term ‘Virgin Vampire’, doesn’t it?”

How long did it take you to write this  novel?

I think it took about 18 months from initial idea to  publication.

Are you working on a second one? If so when will it be  released?

Yes, I am. The second book is  tentatively going to pick up about a year and a half after the ending of the  current story. I am currently working on some notes, outlines and  different story lines, to see just which way it goes. All the characters will be  there and I have a new character that wants to be introduced. I really don’t  have a release date just yet … this is still a hobby … but it is in the works. I  have a feeling Katelyn isn’t finished telling her story just yet …

What is your favorite writing environment like? What is  the hardest part of writing for you?

I like to sit in my rocking chair with the laptop propped  on my knee, in the early morning, usually between 3 and 7 am. It’s quite and  easy to listen to my characters talk. Writing the story is the easiest part … I  just listen to the characters, and put it on paper … the most difficult part is  editing it and making it flow smoothly throughout.

Aside from writing, what else are you passionate  about?

I love to read … when  I get lost in a story, I can go anywhere in the world I want to go and enjoy  myself.

More news from Rick Veal:

The most exciting  thing right now is that “The Master of Whitehall” has been picked up by a movie  producer for review and consideration. Having to be patient and wait on that is  difficult, but I hope that it moves along successfully.

 A message from the author:

If anyone would like to keep up with James, Katelyn and the rest of the  family, I’d like to invite them to drop by Facebook at or my Deviant Art page at to see all the artwork and read detailed backgrounds and  bios for each of the characters. “The Master of Whitehall” is available in a  signed/inscribed print edition (trade size, 396 pages, $19.99) or a fully  illustrated e-book in pdf format for $5.00 directly from me. I can be contacted  at for further information. If any of your reader’s mention  this interview, they will receive a 10% discount and free shipping on the print  edition, approximately a $5.00 value. It is also available in Kindle format at  Amazon http://

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11 thoughts on “Review & giveaway: The Master of Whitehall by Rick Veal

  1. This book sounds amazing, and To get a signed copy….. How lucky, and he took time to answer questions.. I will defiantly be reading this book.

  2. It is an amazing book. I have read it and thoroughly enjoyed the story. Congratulations on this review. Mr. Veal has written a unique and very romantic story.

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