Review of Armageddon Wars: Selah by Walter A. Martin

Armageddon Wars: Selah takes us way into the future.  World War V has been fought and our main character Praxton is hoping that there can finally be some peace on Earth. There are some startling events ahead of him though, and he will find out if he is up to the challenge of saving the human race or not.  I can’t really say too much more without giving away some really important parts in the book!

This was a quick read for me.  Martin wastes no time at all jumping into all the action.  It was hard to put down because I just needed to know what was going to happen next.  There were some parts where I felt that the book jumped around too much, but it was easy to get past.

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys sci-fi, military books, and stories about the apocalypse.

About Walter:

Walter A. Martin is a current student at Cleveland State University. He has been taking film as a major with a minor in anthropology for the past four years. He is expected to graduate with his bachelors in December of 2012. He is planning to start working in the film and writing industries as a professional filmmaker and author after graduating school.

Walter has worked on a dozen short film projects and has worked on one full feature film called, “Dying 2 Meet You.” He also is the author of the novel “Night Strike” and has written two short stories.

He currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio where he is finishing up the last stretch of his college career.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Armageddon Wars: Selah by Walter A. Martin

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