Review of If I Could be Like Jennifer Taylor by Barbara Ehrentreu with a giveaway!!!!

The other night I began reading If I Could be Like Jennifer Taylor by Barbara Ehrentreu.  Having read so many paranormal romance books recently, this one was a breath of fresh air.  Not that I have anything against paranormal romance, it was just nice to have a change.

If I could be Like Jennifer Taylor introduces us to freshmen student Carolyn Samuels.  She is far from popular, overweight and often times the brunt of jokes at school.  There is one girl, Jennifer Taylor, that has made Carolyn’s life hell all through middle school.  As the first day of high school arrives, Carolyn doesn’t even want to go to school because she doesn’t want to deal with Jennifer.  In the end she has to go of course and it appears Jennifer has not changed at all.

Of course they are in the same math class because they are both in honors and they have gym together since it is scheduled alphabetically.  As Carolyn sits in gym on the first day, Jennifer gets back to her old games and begins teasing Carolyn.  Carolyn has a fainting spell and has to be taken to the nurse.  Jennifer escorts her, but if Carolyn wants Jennifer to keep this embarassing situation a secret, it will cost her.

She agrees to do what Jennifer asked her and pretty soon she is in over her head.  Was being popular really worth all of the trouble and lies?  How long can she keep lying to her true friends?  Is it possible that Jennifer isn’t really as bad as she thought all of these years?  Is her crush really paying attention to her?  How does Jennifer stay so thin?  Is she hiding anything?

Carolyn will get the answer to all of these questions before the year is over.  Her life is going to change immensely during the process.  Will she be able to remember to breathe and be able to make it through?

I loved this book.  It was an easy and entertaining read.  Ehrentreu addresses a lot of serious issues in this book.  From bullying to other things. (I don’t want to give too much away!) It was very nice to see these issues brought up.  Unfortunately, even though they happen in every single school on a daily basis, they are often ignored.  Reading this book will really make you pay special attention to the little things going on around you.  The end of the book definitely gave me some closure as well, which I love.

I would recommend this book to everyone, but I would especially recommend it to young girls.  It covered so many issues that the young ladies of today face, and I think it could definitely help some of them to face their problems.

Great job on this one Barbara!  I don’t have any daughters of my own, but I will definitely be recommending it to my friends daughters!

Barbara Ehrentreu has been nice enough to offer up a copy as a giveaway.  All you have to do is click on the Rafflecopter link at the bottom of the page and you can enter to win!  You don’t want to miss this one!


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8 thoughts on “Review of If I Could be Like Jennifer Taylor by Barbara Ehrentreu with a giveaway!!!!

  1. Thank you so much, Samantha for the wonderful review of my book!! I am glad that I gave you a breath of fresh air from the paranormal dark fantasy books that are out there. Bullying and teasing are definitely going on all over and lots of people have identified with the characters and the events in the book. I am going to direct people over here to read this excellent post!

  2. I was bullied quite a bit throughout school, but I never let those people define me. We have to teach our children to not base their own perspectives on what others think of them. Great review!! And I really hope to read this book soon!

  3. I was bullied all the way through middle school and high school and for a while it got to me. Now, I look back and think that if I hadn’t gone through all of it I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. But not everyone has the chance to say something like that.

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